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How it works

The working principle of Intec Treadles consist of an electronic normal open switch mechanically activated by direct pressure, they can work with optocoplators or microrelay.
From the construction point of view, the sensor is made up of two harmonic plates of steel, normally separated electrodes, vulcanized in the interior of a material with controlled elastic deformation.


When a body in motion, the wheel of a vehicle, runs over a sensor, it is elastically deformed, producing the closing of the circuit of the counter when both electrodes make contact, once the wheel has stopped making pressure, the electric circuit is interrupted by the mechanical reaction of the rubber laterals. Consecutively, the measured electrical resistance between electrodes varies according to the mechanical state of the sensor, being it open or closed by the passing or not of a vehicle.

These amounts of electrical resistance are high in normal conditions, >20 M Ohms applying a differential potential of 500V (measured with a megometer), and <3.5 Ohms when in operation. We have the capacity of varying this resistance to limited and controlled values according to the client's needs.
These electrical resistance amounts are stable during the sensor's life span and do not vary with even extreme temperature changes, thus not requiring compensatory calibrations.

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