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Installation on steel frames


Organic Solvent (trichloroethylene, toluene, etc.), cloth, small brush, spatula, adhesive, silicone rubber sealant, caulk gun.

It is very important to utilize an adhesive which works well on both rubber and stainless steel.
You can use a toluene based contact cement or the following Sika products:
Sika Primer 206 G+P




All surfaces must be completeley dry and free of dirt, grease, old adhesive, laitance, or any foreign matter. If the steel frame contains old sealant, it must be removed along with all extraneous materials and the substrate cleaned by mechanical means.
You can use any organic solvent to clean the steel frame, leaving it free of oil and grease.


If you use Sika products, apply Sika Primer on the bottom face of the rubber sensor to improve the bonding of the sealant.


Apply adhesive with a brush or spatula, covering the surfaces to bond.



Position the sensor inside the frame avoiding to bend it more than 45°.

Step inch by inch over the sensor to ensure it is having good contact with the steel frame.

Once the sensors are correctly installed, seal the joints between frame and sensor using a silicone rubber sealant to prevent dust and dirt to get into the joint. These extraneous materials might cause the sensor to rise over the pavement level, leaving it incorrectly exposed to traffic, and this way being damaged.


Allow the sealant to cure for 8-12 hours.

WARNING: When installing or removing a sensor you MUST NOT, pull, push or force the sensor using its conical end or the connection cable.
Doing this may cause damages on the connection area.
Intec does not guarantee sensors which have been improperly handled.


> Download a drawing of a typical lane
> (Autocad format)

> Download a drawing of a typical lane
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