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Intec treadles can operate normally under various weather and atmospheric conditions, resisting sun rays, high and low temperature, water, oil, salt, grease, and other corrosive materials, mineral oils, sodium chloride, etc.
Our design eliminates creeping or blowing of the rubber surface due to the action of vehicle wheels.

Technical information


  Parameters Range Unit
  Speed range 0-150 Km/h
  Temperature -40 / +65
-40 / +149
  Activation preasure >25 Kg
  Deactivation time <10


  Weight 1,33 Kg/m
  Color Black  



The Connection cable is shielded, bipolar cable 2 x 1 made of flexible copper. The electrodes are made of flexion resistant steel adhered to the rubber by vulcanization.

  Parameters Range Unit

Connection cable length

5 m

Inactive sensor electrical resistance (*)


Active sensor electrical resistance (*)

>3,5 Ω

Maximum voltage



* The resistance of the inactive sensor is measured with a megometer, at 500 V Δ V.

These values are stable during the sensor's life and do not vary with temperature changes, thus not requiring compensatory calibrations.
Intec treadles do not require connection with polarity.


> Download detailed test made by INTI
> (National Institute of Industrial Technology)

> Download technical information
> (Excel format)

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