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Vehicle classification

The function of Intec treadles is the detection, counting and classification of vehicles.

These sensors can be installed in preclassification and postclassification systems in the toll industry.

According to the arrangement or to the distribution of the sensors, they can detect the number of axles, the number of wheels, dual wheels and speed of the vehicle. These sensors work in combination with peripheral equipment integrated in a control board.

Intec contact sensors are currently working with most of the boards in the global market.

Dependig on the disposition of the sensors on a lane, they can obtain data about vehicle flow, it can also works as a vehicle detector for gate activation, security systems, or traffic speed infractions.

Intec contact sensors are sensitive enough to detect motorcycles. The speed range possible to detect is from 0 to 150 km/h with a wide temperature range of -40 to 65º C.

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